Urban Winery

We are an urban winery – we buy grapes from the country and make wine in the city. We call it bringing grapes to the people. You can thank us later.  Learn more about our urban winery and others in San Diego…

The Winemaker

Adam Carruth, Owner and Winemaker, is a passionate entrepreneur whom expresses love & gratitude in every bottle. Learn more about our winemaker…

Adam has had a few apprentices at Carruth Cellars. The latest being Dylan Steves who has started his own wine label, Riché, during his time at Carruth Cellars and is now titled the Assistant Winemaker. Crush Season is a team effort at Carruth – all tasting room associates get a taste of the action.

Bringing Grapes To The People

Carruth Cellars is an urban winery. We source grapes from Northern and Central California, load them on temperature controlled trucks, and transport them to San Diego. We do all wine production (destemming, crushing, fermenting, aging, and bottling) in our urban facilities. Our full functioning urban wineries have tasting rooms open for you to visit 7 days a week!

San Diego Urban Wineries [SDUW]

There are over a dozen urban wineries (and counting!) in San Diego, all buying grapes from the country and making wine in the city. Get to know your neighborhood winery and support your local winemakers! Find San Diego Urban Wineries near you.

“I would like to offer my profound gratitude to all those who have offered their support and efforts along the way, helping to make this dream a reality.”
Adam Carruth, Owner and Winemaker

About the Winemaker

He’s a local | Adam is a native of San Diego County, a graduate of Carlsbad High School, and has lived in North County for most of his life.

Before there was wine, there was beer  |  Before embarking on his journey as a winemaker, Adam began brewing beer during college in 1991 as a hobby at U.C. Riverside. After graduating he moved to Sonoma County and studied viticulture at Santa Rosa Community College. In 1998, living in the wine country, his interest in grape growing inspired a new hobby, making wine with friends and other wine enthusiasts.

It all started in his backyard  |  With much encouragement from friends, Adam continued to make wine after moving back to Carlsbad in 2001 by trucking grapes down from Northern California’s premier wine regions. In 2006, Adam’s backyard wine making transitioned into a professional operation, and Carruth Cellars was born.

He’s a passionate and dedicated entrepreneur   | As of 2016, Adam has been working within the wine industry for 18 years. 2010 marks his 14th crush and 4th year operating a professional winery. His enthusiasm and love of wine making is infectious! Carruth Cellars wine is the artistic expression of a wine maker that brings passion and dedication to his endeavor. Opening his own winery and tasting room in the heart of Solana Beach is the latest and greatest step in Adam’s wine making journey. The Winery on Cedros endeavor has required passion, dedication, endless patience and incredible tenacity to become a reality. Adam would like to offer his profound gratitude to all those who have offered their support and efforts along the way, helping to make his dream a reality in the heart of Cedros Design District.