We have LOVE & GRATITUDE for our COMMUNITY and try to give back with our Pay it Forward bottles and silent auction donations for local fundraisers (bottle + wine tasting for two). Please fill out the following information to request a donation.


Can you provide a copy of the ABC Daily License for this event? (what is an ABC Daily License? see below)


Questions? Contact Casey DeCesari at love@carruthcellars.com

 * As a winery, operating under an 02 license, we can only donate wine, and we can only donate to 501(c) non-profit organizations.

If the wine donation is being consumed on the premises, or is being used as a raffle or auction item at an event, a Special Temporary License must be approved by the ABC.


Here are some ABC codes that may apply to you

24045.1. Temporary daily on–sale general license

24045.2. Temporary off–sale license to certain member–supported television stations and nonprofit charitable organizations


24045.3. Temporary off–sale license issued to women’s educational and charitable organization

24045.4. Issuance of special temporary off-sale general license to certain nonprofit corporations; Application fee; Restrictions; Duration

24045.6. Issuance of special temporary on-sale or off-sale wine license to certain nonprofit corporations; Application fee; Restrictions; Duration and use

24045.7. On–sale general license to nonprofit theater company; Hours of sale; Fees

24045.9. Temporary on–sale beer and wine license to member–supported television or broadcasting station

For more information, contact our local ABC office:

San Marcos, ABC District Office

570 Rancheros Drive, Suite 240

San Marcos, CA 92069

(760) 471-4237

(760) 471-6142 FAX